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Mother of Fair Love School Application Form – 2023/2024 Academic Year

Childs Full Name:


Childs Address 




Date of Birth:


PPS Number:


Childs Nationality:


Parent/Guardian Names:

Mother __________________________________

Father ___________________________________

Telephone Contact Number:

Mobile __________________________________

Landline: ________________________________

Name and Address of Current School:


Principals Name:


Telephone No:


Name and Address of Family Doctor:


Does your child have any medical history that might affect schooling and require attention while at school

Yes                       No

If yes, please give details ___________________________________________



Class being applied for as per Admissions Notice:


Please note that in signing this application form you are consenting to reports etc. concerning your son/daughter being passed on to the local Special education Needs Organiser (SENO) and the HSE Clinical Support Teams) if this is necessary

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