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The school curricula operates under the guidance of the DES and NCCA Guidelines for Students with Mild General Learning Disabilities.  While these guidelines inform all of the planning, curricula, social skills training and work experience across both Primary and Secondary sections of Mother of Fair Love School, the introduction of the new JCL2 is delivering a new independence and flexibility for senior students’ learning.

            A.        PRIMARY CURRICULUM:                     4-14 YEARS

            B.        SECONDARY CURRICULUM:               JCL2 1ST, 2ND & 3RD YEARS

            C.        SCHOOL LEAVERS PROGRAMME:     5TH & 6TH YEARS

A. Primary Curriculum

v Literacy

v Numeracy

v SPHE (Social, Personal and Health Education)

v SESE (Social, Environmental and Scientific Education )

v The Arts: Visual Arts, Music & Drama

v Physical Education

B. Secondary Curriculum


The new Junior Cycle Programme now includes programmes for students with disabilities categorized as being in the lower mild to higher moderate range of General Learning Disability.  These are designed to suit both special school and main stream settings.  Built upon prior learning, these L2LP’s are designed around 5 priority learning units (PLU’s):

v Communication and Literacy

v Numeracy

v Personal Care

v Living in a community

v Preparing for Work

There is also a minimum of two short courses.

PLU’s focus on the social personal and pre vocational skills that prepare students for further study for work and for life.  All students who complete a JCL2 programme in Mother of Fair Love School will receive a certificate awarded at level 2 of a National Framework of Qualification NFQ’s and a school report.

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