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Room 8 celebrated history month by learning about the GPO. We also learned about St Canice's tower and one of our students made a project on Biddy Early. A local historian also brought the senior end on a walk to show us the city walls and also taught us about Alice Kytler.


IMG 3275 1

Room 8 decorated christmas cards,each student designed there own cards which make them unique. These cards will be sent to the residents of Drakelands nursing home and this gesture will make sure no one is forgotten at christmas. 

IMG 3222


Room 8s mosaic advent wreath art work.

These were made by the students cutting up pieces of coloured paper and gluing onto the page.  The colours all represent the different parts of the wreath, three purple candles and one pink candle,green for the actual wreath and orange for the flame. This process makes all the different pieces of art unique to the individual student. The art work compliments our senior end christmas tree and has got our school into the christmas spirit. 




Room 8s pumpkin design for Halloween. Each student helped in the designing, cutting and painting of the pumpkin.

IMG 3083 1

Room 8 runs the school tuck shop which opens on Fridays for the whole school. 1st the students make a list, then they estimate how much the stock will all cost then we go to local shops to source and purchase our stock. Once we have bought our stock we head back to school to set up and get ready for our customers to arrive. The students take responsibility for all sales from setting prices to taking money and giving back the correct change. The tuck shop provides a great experience of shopping,budgeting and practicing our social skills.


Here is our Room 8 student Jack Campion with a fully stocked tuck shop ready to greet his customers.


IMG 2870

Room 8 butterfly artwork.


IMG 3044 1



Room 8 was learning about how to grow our brains and how they work.

IMG 2880 3 

Room 8s Halloween black catsrrIMG 3029 2

 Room 8s Halloween black cats.


Texco Art Competition 2022


IMG 2565

IMG 2559

IMG 2558


Tuck Shop 

InkedIMG 2599 LI


Winner of Christmas  raindeer log 

IMG 2459

Our Christmas snowman

IMG 2423


 Room 8 Christmas Door


IMG 2424 1


 Halloween Pumkins

IMG 2361


 The Still Life Paintings of Blaise Smith at Butler Gallery

IMG 2270

IMG 2272

IMG 2273

IMG 2275 


Short course 2021

Caring for animals

IMG 2265IMG 2266IMG 2268


Warm and Cool Colour paintings from room 8 

IMG 2244

 September 2021 Wellbeing Month

IMG 2288


School Trip to St Canices Tower Kilkenny

IMG 2173

Junior Cycle Year 1 Portfolio

IMG 2178

 Home Econmics Tapestry 

IMG 2168


IMG 2166


2020/21  Home Economics Project

IMG 2153 1


Birthday Cake Celabrations


Best PE Student of the week




IMG 2046

IMG 2060

Well done to our students who were awarded a Gold Certificate on Studyladder

IMG 2023



Horticulture: Planting our marigold flowers

IMG 2027


Soccer Training

IMG 1967

IMG 1965IMG 1963


 IMG 1978

Home Economics

IMG 2003IMG 2009 1

Happy St Patricks Day

IMG 1940IMG 1939IMG 1936



Mothers Day Cards

IMG 1904

Spring Flowers

IMG 1900


IMG 1899


Ash Wednesday Art

IMG 1892


Our Chrismas Snowman made from paper plates

IMG 1831

Room 8 made these Christmas cards for the residents of Drakelands Nursing home

IMG 1847

A Christmas Story 

IMG 1823

Our Christmastree for 2020



Our new Daily Mile flag   

daily mile

Woodwork 7/12/20


r8 ww


Making our bells for our 2020 Christmas craft fair



Friday art class 2020



Wood Burning 2020





Pop Art 2020

IMG 1469


 The Society of Missionary Children, christmas competion 1st prize winner from room 8


art comp

2019 Christmas Tree Competition





Maths Day 2019

IMG 1104 1



Halloween Pumkins 2019



Woodwork 2019




Halloween Cats 2019






Maths Trail Winners




Maths Trail 2019

maths trail


IMG 0917


Digital Learning Projects



Trip to the Castle Park and Supermacs

IMG 0868 1IMG 0863 

Debs 2019

IMG 0792

IMG 0817



Living in the community: Visit to Grada Station

IMG 0723IMG 0727IMG 0736

Prep for work: Woodwork 

IMG 0748

Congratulations to our Rings Team who came 2nd in the final of the inter county sports league 


IMG 0713

IMG 0674Prep for work visit to workplace 

Easter Raffle

IMG 0659

IMG 0658

Trocaire cake sale IMG 0629IMG 0625

IMG 0632

IMG 0635

IMG 0608



Digital Skills

IMG 0125



IMG 0209

IMG 0231

IMG 0232 


Room 8 January 2018

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